Brian and Leslie Corcoran

Company History

RB&C Grain, Inc. was founded and established by Brian Corcoran in 1985. In its infancy, RB&C Grain started as a marketing arm for Raymond Corcoran Trucking, Inc. (RCT), its sister company.

In the beginning, RB&C Grain's sole purpose was to market RCT trucks back to California, Utah, Oregon, and Washington from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana, and North Dakota. As the need for marketing agriculture products diminished in the early 1990s, RB&C Grain was forced to find new ways to survive.

During this period of transition, RB&C Grain's focus turned from marketing RCT trucks to acquiring its own transportation division through the purchase of Dave Reed Trucking and Buena Vista Transportation. With the acquisition of these two companies, RB&C Grain has grown into a dry, bulk hopper fleet.

Today, our grain elevator and our truck fleet work together moving our farm product to market. Our continued success is due to our commitment from our loyal employees.